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    Bristol 24/7’s Robin Askew on Bristol’s Secret Landscapes

    Four years in the making, local musician and filmmaker Simon Preston‘s Bristol’s Secret Landscape is billed as

    “an immersive journey from the Severn Bore to Bridgewater Bay with a glance at Paleo-channels, 10,000-year-old toddlers’ footprints cast in the mud, salmon putchers, the site of England’s only recorded tsunami, Y-shaped lave nets, Roman V shaped fish traps, a migratory bird superhighway, and great oaks brought down from the highest point of the Forest of Dean past Drake’s House to the three old stone quays at Gatcombe to build 16th century sailing ships that started the global trade –  notably privateering and slavery.”

    Bristol 24/7


    “Having spent a lifetime exploring the coasts of the South West and Wales, including our local coast, I was astounded at the complexity, beauty and morphological variety of the Bristol Channel once seen from above via a 4k drone camera,” Simon tells us.

    The moods of this region also inspired his accompanying musical compositions which include contributions from singers, string and wind players. There’s also some special Severn poetry by poet Jo Bell.

    You can see Simon’s 55 minute film up on the big screen at the Cube on Saturday 13 November, with an informal Q&A and full supporting programme of short films from the south west and beyond.

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    Bristol’s Secret Landscape at the Cube

    Sat 13 November 2021 / 19:30 

    Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

    Bristol’s Secret Landscape is a sensory journey exploring some of the many incredible phenomena along the Severn tidal region. Filming from above reveals the extraordinary features formed by powerful tidal energies from the Severn Bore to Bridgewater Bay. Every day, the huge tidal range of the Severn estuary leaves fascinating sand patterns behind. This cinematic exploration offers a glimpse of some of the phenomena that you can’t see from the land. The videos are underscored with specially composed music, both electronic and acoustic, uniting the elements of light, nature, history, and people within this epic environment.